Rue de la Ville l’Evêque

The house in which the Guizot family lived in Paris was located in a part of the rue de la Ville l’Evêque that was destroyed during the construction of the Boulevard de la Madeleine. Guizot was therefore one of the people expropriated by the Baron Haussmann.

He had inherited this “little house”, to which he was always attached because of the memories it held for him, from the Meulan-Dillon family. Behind the desk, the portrait of Lord Aberdeen, his very dear friend, can be seen.

Anonyme, Paris, rue de la Ville l'Évêque, façade sur jardin de la maison de Guizot. Aquarelle. Collection particulière. Cliché François Louchet.

Front garden of François Guizot’s house.

Anonyme, Paris, rue de la Ville l'Évêque, bureau de François Guizot, aquarelle, collection particulière. Cliché François Louchet.

Above Guizot’s desk, one can see the copy by Henry Landseer of a painting by Thomas Lawrence representing Lord Aberdeen.

“It was in 1809, 50 years ago, that I came to live for the first time in this house. It became my property in 1828, when I married your mother. The longest and most contented part of my life was spent there. Fortunately, life leaves its marks elsewhere than in the walls where it was lived. But I was very attached to those walls and I will miss them always”.

Letter written on March 16, 1859 by François Guizot to his daughter Henriette.