Guizot’s children

From his first wife Pauline de Meulan, Guizot had a first son named François, born on August 14, 1813 but who died a few days later. On August 11, 1815 a second son was born, also named François, in whom his father had great hopes and to whom he was particularly attached, especially after he was widowed in 1827. He passed the entrance exam to the École Polytechnique and studied law, but died of pleurisy on February 15, 1837.

On August 6, 1829 Eliza Dillon, Guizot’s second wife, gave birth to Henriette, who from a very young age helped her father in his social life and literary activities. She married Conrad de Witt on March 18, 1850 with whom she had two daughters, became mistress of the household in Val-Richer and published many books and translations. She lived until 1908. The letters sent to her by her father were published in 2002. Her younger sister Pauline, born on June 22, 1831 married Cornélis de Witt, the younger brother of Conrad, on May 18, 1850. She died on February 28, 1874 after giving birth to seven children. Finally, on January 11, 1833 Eliza Dillon gave birth to Guillaume, a fragile and very gifted boy who married Gabrielle Verdier de Flaux on April 26, 1860. From 1870 to 1880 he was Director of the department of non-Catholic religions in the Ministry of Public Instruction and from 1874, a professor in the Collège de France. He had no children and died in 1892.