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Opening to the public of the site dedicated to the editing of cross correspondence between François Guizot and Dorothée de Lieven.

The Guizot-Lieven project is funded by the François Guizot Association, supported by the EMAN publishing platform (ITEM / CNRS-ENS) and produced by Marie Dupond (PSL). This project is listed in the Palmares 2020 of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences for the prize of the Foundation for historical and scientific works.

The objective of the edition is to give access to the entirety of the letters of Dorothée and François from 1836 to 1857, as well to the autographs as to an epistolary speech described, documented, indexed and transcribed in order to give to read in network, but also to search in a corpus of correspondence. It has been designed as a digital library structured in collections.

410 letters, more than 2,400 folios inventoried in 8 collections are now available.

The digital system allows access to heritage and scientific sources that are being developed. New corpus will be published regularly and the documentation of the material enriched.